How to Read People in Under 5 Minutes

The secret of successful salespeople

Close more sales by learning the secrets of

reading body language and micro-expressions.

World-class mentalist and mind reader reveals

how to read people in under 5 minutes.

Imagine having a world-class mentalist, mind reader, and a business coach by your side every time you have a meeting with a prospect or a co-worker.

You’ll get to recognize what is the other person thinking, even if they don’t speak.

Recognize body language, voice tonality, even the secret micro-expressions that cannot be fooled by anyone.

Learn how to read people in under five minutes and always be in control of ANY conversation.

This is a skill every sales person needs, yet few possess.

Of all the sales trainings online, how many courses actually teach you how to read prospect’s micro expressions?

Less than 1% I bet.

We know sales is the art of persuasion and communication. It’s not as much about the price as it is about building trust, influence, overcoming objections and ultimately closing the sale.

If you know, how your prospects feel without them telling you, you’re already two steps ahead of the conversation.

That’s why being able to read body language is so important for every sales professional.

This training designed to help you close more deals, win arguments, influence people (in a good way), boost your charisma, and improve your leadership skills.

The body never lies - it betrays!

And it is going to help you close more sales

Here is what you’ll discover:

How to boost your influence and leadership

Learn how to easily increase your leadership skills and influence simply by making small changes to your body language and tone of voice.

Spotting signals and warning signs

Spot warning signs and signals during a sales call or any other conversation so you can be prepared to counter any objections.

How to read people in 5 minutes or less

Get an accurate reading on anyone you deal with. In just a few moments you'll be able to decode how they feel and adjust your conversation for the best outcome.

The long-lost art of Chinese face reading

Learn the incredible art of reading micro expressions that dates back to the ancient times yet very few people practice it anymore.

Reading body stance and body language

Human communication is 83% affected by non-verbal cues. Learn how to read them and master any conversation.

How to read people like an open book

Combine all of the teachings in this special course and be able to read people like an open book.

Learn reading people from renown International Mentalist and Mind reader

Meet Guy Pardillos, An internationally acclaimed mentalist, mind reader, transformative coach, consultant, and trainer in nonverbal communication.

He entertains, trains, and coaches people to strengthen their communication skills using the power of nonverbal communication to overcome obstacles standing between them and their greatness.

Guy’s contribution to help people understand the importance of mastering their nonverbal communication for a better life, relationship, friendship, and business life is extraordinary.

He coaches and trains professionals around the world on how to use the secrets of the mind readers for personal growth and excellence.

Human communication is affected at 83%

by nonverbal cues! Learn how to read them and control

the conversation. Anywhere & everywhere.

Here is all the amazing stuff you’ll access:

When you get this course, you receive Instant Access to the entire course

+ all of the bonus materials including:

  • Complete course: How to read people in 5 minutes or less
  • Exercises and progress quizzes
  • The 5-Minute Profile Method
  • ​Private Q&A With Guy Pardillos
  • ​BONUS: 10 Tricks for a better observation book
  • ​BONUS: Seeing the Unsaid - Introduction to Lie Detection



If you want to close more sales bring more customers,

climbed the leaderboard you need to get this training.

Being able to read people is a skill for life.

Not only will you use it in every meeting and encounter at work, you can use it in private life as well.

Whether you need to close more deals…

or want to have the upper hand with your spouse…

or just get a better deal when you’re buying something nice for yourself…

Being able to read people in a few moments is a skill you can’t afford to miss.

Satisfaction Guarantee

My No#1 priority is your happiness. I know being a producer is a hard work. It gets even harder when you have a family to feed, that's why I do my best to help people like you.

I stand by my product 100%, no matter what. I am so certain of the value this training brings to the table that I offer a Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee.

No questions asked, no if, no buts, no holds barred, no fine print. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the purchase, I will solve it. Refund your money, send you an updated version, provide you with extra tools, whatever it takes. Just reach out, I have your back. – Guy Pardillos


  • Can I watch the training at my own pace?

YES, this is a 100% recorded training which you can watch, and rewatch at your own pace and leisure. You have lifetime full access to everything inside this training.

  • What if I want to learn more?

Guy also offers a custom coaching if you really want to get advice or get trained by the best of the best when it comes to reading people.

  • What if I'm not satisfied?

The course comes with a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. Just email us and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

  • How do I know it works?

Have you ever seen the movie "Now You See Me"? Guy Pardillos is a living example there are real mentalists and magicians walking among us. He packaged the key lessons how to read people into an easy to follow online course. Yes, it works. When you put in practice the techniques from the course, you'll be able to read people's body language better.

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