The Art & Science of Cold Reading

What Is Cold Reading?

Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane, etc.

Those are fictional characters, but do you know you can develop the same skills? We call it Cold Reading.

What is cold reading? This is what I'm going to explain right now.

Cold reading is a technique used by "psychics," mentalists, fortune tellers, etc., to give you the illusion that they can read your past, present, and future.

It's a mix between general stock lines that can apply to 80% of the population and a sharp sense of observation and deduction.

It is also used in law enforcement, and it's called "profiling."

Think for a moment of Sherlock Holmes or Patrick Jane from "The Mentalist." These two characters are the perfect example of how they use their observation skills and deduction processes to solve crimes or robberies.

Reverse Engineering and Cold Reading

One technique to develop also, and very useful in cold reading, is reverse engineering. This method consists of training your brain to think in reverse. We can all think in the present moment and of the future; perhaps, thinking in reverse is challenging and is not a standard process.

An excellent example to illustrate this is the alphabet.

How many times in your life did you tell the alphabet? A, b, c, d, etc., you can say it without even thinking of it. How many of us can say it in reverse, from z to a? I guess a very few.

Reverse engineering is developing your capacity to go back in time from a single detail.

Train your brain to observe and to question why and how this detail is here.

Some examples would be:

  • You meet a friend in a bar, and you notice some herbs and ground stuck on the heel of one of his shoes. How? Why?
  • our neighbor bought a new car, but he is jobless. Where did he get the money? Heritage? Loan? Lottery?

You understood the process.

Cold Reading in Life

Cold reading doesn't need to be used for solving crimes or telling the future. The top sellers know the cold reading very well without knowing its name.

When a potential client enters the shop, a good seller can automatically tell if he is a potential buyer just by observing his clothes, manners, and nonverbal communication.

All these small details help the seller to build an image of the client and know about him more than the client himself.

We are all under the observation of others every day, every time, everywhere. When we meet someone for the first time, in less than 5 minutes, this person places us in one box in his mind.

For some people, we are a good friend; for others, we are a father, an idiot, an intelligent guy, shy guy or charismatic, etc.

Even if the famous quote

Never judge a book by its cover

it's true.

Unfortunately, the importance of how we show ourselves to the world can make us successful or miserable.

Cold reading is a powerful skill to develop; it will help you see the world and people from a different angle and discover things and secrets like never before.

Cold Reading and the Brain

The last tip to give you is to trust your intuition. What we call intuition is nothing else than your mammalian brain, which is talking to you.

This part of the brain has been with us since the first human on earth, and it doesn't speak any language, it just speaks in terms of feelings and nonverbal signals.

Your mammalian brain catch details that your conscious brain doesn't and try to communicate them thru feelings and sensations.

So, next time you feel something, don't question it, go for it, and this is available for situations, people, and every part of your life.

Guy Pardillos

Guy Pardillos, Mentalist, consultant & trainer in Nonverbal Communication.

I entertain, train, and coach people to strengthen their communication skills using the power of nonverbal communication to overcome obstacles standing between them and their greatness.

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