The Secret Language of Colors

Did you know that a single color can reveal information about you? Your moods, personality, and more.

Learning the secret meaning of the colors can protect you, but more importantly, you can use them to influence and impact others.

In each color lies a secret meaning. Advertising agencies use the psychology of the colors daily to influence you, create a specific emotion in you, and subtly lead you to buy their product or service.

Each color has its personality and meaning. Whether or not we are aware of it, our choices of color when we dress, buy something, etc., each of our picks is not random. Even without knowing the psychology of colors, we use our intuition to know how to dress in the morning. Without a rational explanation, we feel about what we should wear.

Colors Meaning

We cannot cover all the existing colors, but here I'll share with you the most essential and standard colors.

Next time you see someone wearing one of these colors, you will have a good indication of his personality and mood.

- Black (mystery)

Black color is associated with sadness, mourning, and despair, but the black color is also, on another side, a synonym for elegance, seduction, sobriety, and mystery.

Black color represents authority, rigor, and strictness.

- White (purity)

The color white (which in reality is not a color) is the symbol par excellence of purity, wisdom, and innocence. Wearing white color usually indicate someone open, with pure intentions, happy, and charming.

- Grey (neutrality)

The gray color is obviously a mix between white and black. A subtil combination of purity from the white and authority and seduction from the black. It indicates stability and distinction. Wearing too much grey can show neutrality in life, someone independent and solid.

- Brown (grounded)

The brown color is the meaning of the earth, attachment to the native land, and someone grounded with knowledge and solid foundations. The brown color is soft and reassuring with its maternal and warm aspect. Older people often wear brown, which is as neutral as possible and represents comfort and simplicity.

- Red (impulsivity)

Red is the color of passion; this color is dynamic and stimulating. The red color evokes fire and passion and symbolizes strength, violence, aggressiveness, courage, and love. People wearing red are torn between two streams; sexual desire, love, and passion; on the other side: they are courageous, energetic, impulsive, and ambitious. Red color people are usually sudden and emotional.

- Orange (warm)

The main values ​​of the color orange are sympathy, warmth, and cheerfulness with his childishness, playfulness, laughing, and innocent side. Even if this color is at first welcoming, it also contains its share of whimsy.

This color is between red and yellow, from which it inherits the main features of the latter two. It is the balance between intensity and foolproof self-control. It is also similar to the color of the epicureans.

- Yellow (positivity)

Yellow is the most vibrant color. It has the characteristics of generosity, cheerfulness, warmth, and nobility. People who like yellow often wear clothes of this color and can also be extravagant, positive, and optimistic. These people usually need to be noticed, have the need for significance, like challenges, and are organized.

Keep in mind that when yellow is "consumed" to excess, it can signify a pretentious, proud and selfish character.

- Pink (harmony)

People who use the color pink are delicate, full of sweetness and tenderness, and perfectly harmonious. This color calls for serenity and calms the spirits while making them less aggressive. It is the color of femininity, delicacy, and tender love.

- Blue (serenity)

The color blue signifies serenity, sensitivity, and peace. This color is peaceful, but it feels a need for security. Passivity and neutrality are the characteristics of this color.

Be careful; when blue is dominant, it can mean being a dreamer. This color proves to be effective for meditation.

- Green (jealousy)

Nature, calm, and neutrality are the main features of the color green. Symbols of life, harmony, and comfort, but green can also represent introversion and caution.

A person who often wears green is cautious, observant, sensitive, and attentive to others and, most of the time, can be jealous.

- Purple (fusion)

Violet is the color of love fusion, submission, the need for union, and identification with a loved one.

People close to the color purple need approval from others. Need for tenderness, sweetness, and dreams, but also able to express melancholy and loneliness. Purple also represents the non-material world, spirits, which is why it is often used by people with strong intuition, fortune tellers, and psychics.

There it is; I hope this short discovery of the world of colors and their psychology opens your eyes to a new world full of meaning.

Next time you wear some colorful clothes, ask yourself why this choice and what is behind what you want to show the world.

Till next ;)

Guy Pardillos

Guy Pardillos

Guy Pardillos, Mentalist, consultant & trainer in Nonverbal Communication.

I entertain, train, and coach people to strengthen their communication skills using the power of nonverbal communication to overcome obstacles standing between them and their greatness.

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