5 Tips To Improve Your Lie Detection Skill

“I love listening to lies when I know the truth.”

- manoj

Facts About Lie Detection

Lie detection is real science and requires a lot of practice and experience. Don’t worry; you will get 5 tips and advice to spot lies in your daily life in the following.

The good news is that everyone can learn to read microexpressions and detect lies. It doesn’t need to be innate. Without proper training, the chances to spot lies are 50/50 accuracy. With appropriate training, your chances are up to 65% of detecting lies. When it comes time to spot a lie, we are looking for

incongruency between what is said and the emotions shown.

There is no micro expression or body language for a lie. It all depends on your ability and experience to find the incongruency in your interlocutor’s speech. For example, if someone tells you, “I’m happy to meet you,” with a microex- pression of disgust or anger is not difficult to conclude that it is a lie.

The advantage of spotting lies is that it will help you better understand the people you interact with and protect yourself from harm, embarrassment, and deception. Learning to read microexpressions will increase your emotional intelligence by up to 10%.

37% of adults lie about their age

Tip 1: Eye Contact

People think a liar avoids eye contact when lying, which is a misconception.

The liar often makes more eye contact to watch and see if you believe their lies.

Tip 2: Mouth Shrug

When someone makes a mouth shrugs when talk- ing or when listening to what you are saying, that means they have no confidence in their words or your speech.

Tip 3: The Pacifiers

Pacifiers are this kind of gesture someone will do when he feels discomfort, like rubbing his fingers, caressing his arm, his ear, touching his face, and so on. These types of gestures are self- comforting and serve to release the tensions.

Tip 4: The Illustrators

Illustrators are all these gestures that support what we are saying. The Italian people are very known for speaking with their hands.

When someone is lying, he tends to reduce and even not show any more illustrators. The brain cannot build a lie and think of moving simultaneously.

Tip 5: Itchy Nose

When telling lies, men have particular tissues in their noses, and in a position of discomfort, these tissues make your nose itchy.

This gesture is not an exact science, but it appears to be most of the time accurate.

The last word about lie detection. As mentioned earlier, it doesn't exist no single sign of deception. Take care when you analyze someone. Always take into consideration the context.

For example, if someone scratches his nose, it doesn't mean that he's lying, but if you ask a question and the person replies and scratches her nose, is considered as a red flag. Ask yourself if the question you asked can produce a lie.

I hope this article gave you some information about deception. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment; I'll do my best to reply if possible.

Guy Pardillos

Guy Pardillos, Mentalist, consultant & trainer in Nonverbal Communication.

I entertain, train, and coach people to strengthen their communication skills using the power of nonverbal communication to overcome obstacles standing between them and their greatness.

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